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“Shant” company was founded in 1995. The founder is the “creator” of “Shant” ice cream, as well as the copyright owner of “Shant” brand Mr. Varsham Aram Gharibyan. Under the slogan of "Best Quality" in a short time the company has managed to become a leader in ice cream market of Armenia. “Shant” company is also known for its confectionery items production, more than 150 type of assortment. Natural, pure raw materials, high-grade Italian technologies and equipments, as a result of high quality international standards products.
“Shant” ice cream and chocolate assortment is exported to Russia, Georgia, USA, therewith high appreciation qualification from FDA agency of USA. The skilful and professional specialties are involved in the production; they are trained periodically deepening and enriching their knowledges.
In accordance with the time requirements Mr. Varsham Gharibyan founded, besides the above mentioned “Elit Shant” LLC, also 3 big companies;
• “APARANQ SHANT” restaurant complex
• “ECOFOOD” LLC trading company
In 2009 the company founder Varsham Gharibyan made a decision to set up bottled spring water production.
In advance taking into consideration the fact that Armenia is rich with many natural water resources, research and search activities were managed to discover the best spring, which with its standards would correspond(conform to)with the accepted and current international norms, would be high quality, pure and tasty drinking water. The accomplished works yielded its fruit and as a result the unique source was found, which is located in the highland Byurakan village (elevation 1450m).
Laboratory analyses showed that Byurakan spring water is almost perfect for all parameters (indices). It should be noted, that before bottling it is subjected to double elaboration, exactly ultraviolet, mechanical and multi-layer silver cleaning and the same time preserving the useful qualities of natural water. Byurakan spring water can be called “living water”
The production of bottled spring water Byurakan was organized in Byurakan village directly at the source, in order to preserve that miracle water from possible negative influences and keep the initial taste and quality of water.
“Elit Shant” company represents Byurakan brand of spring drinking water, poured in glass and plastic tares (containers) of different volumes.

let’s enjoy the smell and taste of Aragats snowmelt clear water.


SPRING WATER “BYURAKAN” is natural potable water is extracted from natural sources and the eternal snowcapped mount of Aragats (elevation 4095m), from a spring of high-mountainous Byurakan village (elevation 1450m), spring water doesn’t need additional processing and nevertheless we bring it to the point of maximum pure and useful for people.

water in Armenia

Armenia country is rich with drinking water resources. This is due to the volcanic origin of the Earth's crust of the region. In contrast to the day by day growing demand for fresh drinking water in the world, 90% water resources of Armenia originate in our region and this fact can be the main “Business Card” of 21st century of our country.

Water resources emerge from surface and underground waters; including brooks, rivers, sources, overwetting areas, lakes, snow covers, ice fields, as well as short lasted water resources. The average perennial flow of generating water resources is 6.2 billion cubic meters in the territory of Armenia, an area of only 29,800 square kilometers. About 96% of consumed water for drinking purposes and about 40% of used water in the country is formed from groundwater sources. According to the calculations, Armenian total recovering underground resources amounted to 4.1 billion cubic meters annually, from which approximately 1.6 billion. cubic meter is generated in the form of springs in the country and 1.4 billion. cubic meter is consumed in the rivers and lakes. There are many natural springs in Armenia, whose outlet sometimes can reach up to 2000 l/sec.

The available water resources of country play an important role for ensure the human activities, as well as in protecting the ecological balance of the environment and application of effective solutions in the process of purposeful use and conservation. The nature around us and its processes are interconnected with the water. The human body (depending on age) is composed of 70-90 % of water. Water is one of the most important components of our life and it takes ¾ of Earth surface. Not in vain to say that “Where is water, there is also life”. Water accompanies us every moment of our lives. Rational use of our water resources can have a serious strategic role for Armenia giving the opportunity to represent to the world as the most important exporter of water resources in region. According to forecasts of the organization “2030 Water Resources Group” till 2030 only half the required volume of consumed natural spring water will be available for 1/3 part of country (basically in developing counties). And the unique place on earth, where water level doesn’t reduce, but instead raises it’s the Arctic. Consequently, the reasonable usage of water resources of our country we can make it interminable and eternal. The biggest reservoir of water of course is Lake Sevan with the 33 billion cubic meters of water resources.

Traditionally Armenia has been considered as the country of large drinking water reserves. Currently only 2.5-3.5% of drinking water of our country is bottled and from witch is exported only 1/5. The sale of bottled spring water is a young business in Armenia, because it is almost identical to the running water from our household faucet, but without the rust and sewage contaminants. However, in recent years in our country is noticeable significant growing interest to this sphere, and in the near future with the limited natural resources Republic of Armenia may become an exporter of bottled water in serious volumes. .

Spring water

Spring water – an invaluable source of strength, health and longevity, it’s not without reason spring water is called “living”. It reaches to us in its original, natural form. Passing through the geological layers, spring water is saturated with various microelements, and interacting with the energetic of the Earth, acquires a unique electromagnetic code, which is capable of restoring the human organism. Ecologically clean source water doesn’t need a complete purification; getting up from the bowels to the earth's surface through sand and gravel, it is exposed thorough cleaning process natural and practically ideal. Process of extracting water from a spring excludes its contact with metal pipes and doesn’t allow it to be subjected to impact pumps and treatment systems, and, therefore, carefully preserves the useful properties of water. From year to year the necessity is increasing to provide clean water for humanity. Scientists have proven that our health depends also on the quality of water consumed by us. Unclean water contains a number of harmful substances, which in turn are the source of many diseases. Today, current technologies allow to solve this problem offering for this purpose the advanced filtration and disinfectant mechanisms, even so preserving the useful properties of water. Drinking spring water is useful because; • due to the natural filtration it completely keeps the natural qualities, structure and properties • it is not disinfected by chlorine, not ozonized, not subjected to other physical and chemical influence, other microelements and various additives are not being added. • there is a lot of oxygen • it’s “water of life” and shouldn’t be boiled. People can drink spring water and use it for cooking in any quantities, as it doesn’t contain any "special force" substances. Nature has endowed Armenia with many wonderful mountain sources of spring and drinking water, and "Byurakan" spring is one of the best among them.


“Byurakan” natural potable water is extracted from natural sources and the eternal snowcapped mount of Aragats (elevation 4095m), from a spring of high-mountainous Byurakan village (elevation 1450m), spring water doesn’t need additional processing and nevertheless we bring it to the point of maximum pure and useful for people. For this purpose it is applied mechanical, ultraviolet and silver systems of clearing. Ultraviolet rays affect on the DNA harmful microorganisms, whereupon the nucleic acid DNA is actively soaking up the rays and deactivated, and as far as the reason of reproduction cells of microorganisms is the dissolution of nucleic acids, so its exclusion brings to disinfect water and to improve bacterial background. Then water passes through the ionizer, where it is enriched with silver irons. Silver irons appearing in the water destroy about 650 kinds of dangerous bacteria, viruses and fungi for human’s life. Water is becoming not only clean and health-improving, but also increases its shelf life several times, which in turn is necessary for long-term storage of bottled water. Silver ions and their bactericidal activity are stipulated by the ability to suppress work of enzyme, which provides an oxygen metabolism at the protozoan microorganisms. In other words ions AG+ in any liquid and is better in the water "block oxygen” to pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and microbes – all in this list 700 types. People are no longer scared of any typhoid or cholera or dysentery. Experience has proven that already through 6 minutes after ingress in an organism of silver water pathogens are destroyed. Spring water "Byurakan, by nature is pure, balanced by physical and chemical composition and gives energy to those who drink it.

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about quality


Drinking water examination results taken from territory of Byurakan

Mineralization M -108.18 mg/dm3
PH - 7.45
total hardness - 0.6 millimole/dm3
solid residue 180C - 0.08
solid residue 260 C – 0.06 mg/dm3
alkalinity - 0.8 millimole/dm3
hydrocarbonate HCО3 - 48.8 mg/dm3
sulfates - SO4 –12.3 mg/dm3
chlorides - Cl-- 14.2 mg/dm3
iodine J – not found
bromine Br - not found
natrium Na+ -14.72 mg/dm3
potassium K+ - 8.5 mg/dm3
calcium Ca2+ - 6.012 mg/dm3
magnesium Mg2+ - 3.65 mg/dm3
nitrates NO-3 - not found
nitrites NO-2 - not found
ammonium NH+4 - not found
copper Cu - not found
mercury Hg- not found
lead Pb- not found
strontium Sr- not found
zinc Zn- not found
permanganate oxidizability О2- 1.72 mg/dm3
Corg- 2.4 mg/dm3
oil acids – 0.98 mgekv/dm3
luminescent indicators
pH =7 CHCl3 Neutral resins
pH=3 CHCl3 Acid resin
pH=3 C4H10OH medium humus materials
metasilicate 10.4 mg/dm3
phenols - not found

Characteristic of organoleptic indicators Criteria of aesthetic properties

Odour at 20C deg – 0 point
In case of heating up to 60C - 0 point
Smack - 0 point
Colour -2 degree
Turbidity FTU -0.5-1.0
Appearance - transparent liquid
Hydrogen ion exponent - (PH) – 7.45 unit


The presented test sample cold (T-8.6OC), from weakly acidic to weakly basic medium (PH-6,8-7, 4), odorless, with a pleasant taste characteristic of spring water, with little mineralization, soft, natural, mixed-type hydrogen chloride spring water with natrium - calcium - magnesium content.
By chemical content and basic indicators corresponds to RA MH "Food raw materials, food safety and hygienic requirements for providing nutritional value" N 2-III-4.9-03-2010 Sanitary rules and hygienic norms point 8.1.
According to the “Quality of bottled water and presented hygiene requirements to the security” it can be used for the purpose of bottling for high quality spring natural water.
According to the classification of setting standards of bottled drinking water, it is spring water from the territory of Byurakan. Water is coming out to Earth surface from 1470m depth.
Depending on the water quality and medical-biological requirements, it is harmless to human body and by biologically necessary macro-and microelements is classified as high-water category, according to the physiological full value.